Blogging the Blog – 7

Regrettably, this entry is occasioned by a note from Eric Searing, one of our earliest correspondent/contributors that his father had passed away yesterday.  You can read about Burge, Jr’s accomplishments in several other blog entries…obviously an extremely talented person…the world will miss him.  Which leads me to a topic I have been thinking about for weeks as I fool with family tree information.  Where have all the Searings gone?  Every time I check one of the genealogy sites the Searing entries are years old, the email contacts outdated, the few questions that are there pertain to families who may have had a Searing in them at some distant point.  I know from Facebook that there are hundreds of Searings out there.  No one is interested in genealogy anymore?  Let’s go, folks!  Let’s start updating our entries and asking each other questions!!  Dan

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