Blogging the Blog -10

Tonight I have added a new feature: Searings on the Internet.  This category is designed to find and post publicly available news/feature articles that show up on the internet…thanks to a Google search for ‘Searings’.  I’ve been experimenting with the collection for a while, and will try to catch up with posts.  I will attempt to post enough information so readers can get the gist of the Searing mention, and search for the article themselves if they are interested in more details.  I would love to hear from the Searing subjects of the articles, and will try to find them if their emails are available.  If you know any of the persons mentioned, please have them contact me, if they wish.  I have been a little disappointed in not finding more Searing weddings, obits, and news articles.  Obviously most of the ‘finds’ are the word searing as a part of speech (see my page on that subject).  Again, the lack of stories may be because there aren’t that many of us going through important life events that are publicly reported.  As always, suggestions for stories, features, categories, etc., are welcome!

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