Fishing is a sport, right?

A post near to my heart, as I still do fish occasionally – from the blog Preserve our Watershed, at:     celebrating Searings in a fishing tournament in PA

While the fishing hasn’t been great overall, there were still some nice bass at the end of last night’s final competition. Out of 13 boats, first place went to the team of Russell and Russell with 2 fish weighing in at 9.05 total lbs. Second place went to Newton and Newton for 3 fish totaling 7.58 lbs. Lunker (the heaviest fish) went to Searing and Searing for their bass weighing 4.32 lbs. The BIG BAG of the Year Prize of some really nice gear went to the team of Searing and Padden for their catch on the very first night of the Tournament (total weight 13.88lbs). Congratulations to all! (emphasis added)

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