Blogging the Blog – 12

Thanksgiving seems an appropriate time to give thanks for and to both my own and the extended Searing family.   I hope you were all able to spend some time with family no matter if in person, by phone, or through emails.  A couple of new Searings have ‘checked in’ since my last admin post several months ago, and the membership in My Last Name is Searing on Facebook has added several new members as well.  I have added some more internet entries, and done some genealogy work on my own branch, which I will post here shortly.  Researching and plotting just the decendants from my own paternal great-grandfather Edward Searing was a lot of fun.  Most I knew or knew of…some I didn’t.  I’m going to continue trying for an occasional contact with them.  My brother Stan and I did go to a mini-family reunion in mid-October with cousins and decendants of my paternal grandfather.  I borrowed a lot of family photos and will see if I can post some on the blog.  We all had a lot of fun going over old family photos and papers we brought.   I highly recommend comparing notes/stories/pictures with siblings/aunts/uncles/cousins/parents…especially the latter.  I wish I had asked mine a lot more about family history and stories.  Watch this space…I’m going to try to post more frequent updates…and if you find us through searching the web, please comment on an article or ‘check in’ and let’s talk!  Dan

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