Looking For Searings II

Last April 2009 (see below) I wrote that there were 30 some Searings on Twitter….I’m happy to report that I just counted 80 +…obviously some are more active than others..:).  but it shows an interest in this brand of social media.   Twitter is still working on a ‘group’ function.  There is a ‘My Last Name is Searing’ group on Facebook….where a search for Searings will show over 500 rough ‘hits’.  There are 53 Searing wish lists on Amazon.  If there are other sites to aggregate Searing names, please let me know.  Anyway, obviously you can see the Twitter Searing list just by searching for ‘searing’, but if you want a copy of the Twitter names, I copied/pasted the list as of today (9-21-09)  I have a Google Docs copy I can send you.      Contact me through the blog, or at dansr@searingfamily.com           Dan

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