Searings Making Things

“We used to make things in the USA.”  How often have we seen that thought.   Of course we still do..but different things.  I like to think about ‘things’ Searings made (and still make.)  I like to return them to the family where possible.  What did Searings make?  J Searing made wood planes (see note elsewhere in the blog) in the 1800’s in NJ.  They come available occasionally.  Searing’s Gallery in Brooklyn  made photographs. So did Searing and Hunt in Plainfield, NJ; Carrell & Searing made hats, caps and furs in Morristown NJ (J. Walter Searing).  There was a Searing printing firm.  More recently Burge Searing made musical instruments (see note elsewhere in the blog). Dennis Searing still makes world class pool cues.  Searing Industries (see page on businesses) makes pipe as I recall.  Searings also write books and paint.  (See Searing Artists elsewhere.)   I am sure there are more examples.  And don’t forget variations on the Searing name when thinking about stuff we made.  Send them to me for posting.  When you see these items, let’s get them back in the family, if possible.

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