The Blog Gets Some Publicity

In follow up to my May 24 entry,  re our blog being listed in Geneabloggers   special mention was made of the Searing Family Blog in the list of new genealogy blogs at   Thank you very much Thomas MacEntee, who authors High-Definition Genealogy (see his comment to the May 24th entry below)….again, this is a direct result of exploring Twitter.  Tom is ‘hidefgen’ and there are lots of other genealogy folks on Twitter, most of whom I have not had a chance to explore.  But I certainly can recommend Tom.  I continue to believe that Twitter is a very young resource whose possibilities we have yet to even start exploiting.  Our mention in Geneabloggers has already resulted in a nice note from Sand Dune Books about their offerings.  (Google for their info)   I realize there may be more advertising contacts than Searing information from these mentions, but ‘bring’em on’.  I am happy with any additional word on the blog.

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