February Updates

Time for a few last minute updates to squeeze into Feb.  First is an article by Daniel Searing, MD (not me, ha).  I would like to feature him in Notable Searings if I can find sufficient information.  Here is a link to at least a summary of his article:  http://bit.ly/fUOsl6.        Don’t forget to check #searing on Twitter if you are so minded.  I have tried to tag Searing contributions and retweet them with the hashtag as I find them and as appropriateWatch for an entry on the Searing Quartet, which I am still working on. Although not a ‘family’ business they were very open and friendly and in ‘all things Searing’ they deserve a mention.          Also, please check out the group My Name is Searing on Facebook and leave a mention!  Also, I take any and all suggestions and ideas!

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