A Surprise “Cuz” Meeting

A delightful surprise ‘cuz’ meeting Monday..Mrs. S & I picked up new glasses in Southern Md, visited a consignment shop nearby a friend had told us about, paid for a purchase and owner asked, ‘is your name Searing?’ Yes. “Our assistant manager is a Searing”….and introduced us to Beth Searing Rodgers! What a surprise to both of us, as our name (as you know) is not that common. We had a great chat, identified some mutual FB friends and agreed to keep in touch. She’s on FB. Go friend her….:)    The shop is Cherry Pickers Consignment in Owings, MD. If you are in that area, please check it out.  We like to support Searing businesses or ones with Searing involvement……  They also have an FB page if you are interested.   

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