Quick Updates

With Spring blossoming all over maybe I can cultivate some blog growth as well.  It sorely needs some refreshing!  To that end, a couple of quick items.  Cole Searing, a young race car driver living in Huron, SD, and operating Cole Searing Motorsports, is again selling Searing Racing T-shirts this year for $25.00 plus postage.  He can be contacted on Facebook or drop me an email and I will try to put you in contact with him.  And, my Searing genealogical expert, Laura Davenport, has launched a blog of her own, Dead-Lines.  The link is in the Blog Roll on the main page.  It’s well worth checking out!

And, WOW, I just have to add that a quick check of Linked-In shows 249 Searing entries!!  Amazing!  I will try to do a separate Linked In entry soon summarizing some of the search results….

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