The history of your last Amazon

What should show up in my recent email but this offer from Amazon: “As someone who recently purchased a book from, you might be interested in a new series of books that offer fascinating facts about the history of your last name. Find out where people with your last name originated, ships they sailed on when they immigrated to the United States, and where they reside today. Learn about marriage, literacy, military service, and much more for your surname.

These books also make a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and family reunions. Surprise your family and friends with the gift of history about their last name.”

A little research showed Amazon is ‘demand publishing’ last name history books as they are ordered.  This reminds me a little of the mailings I used to get for the Searing family crest (do we have one?), or the Searing history books.  Someday it will be fun to order one….but some checking showed the last name history was available for every family name I checked: grandparents, cousins, etc.  Anyone have any experience with these books?  Dan

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