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Florence Searing – A Mystery

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Anyone recognize this beautiful young lady? Post card old photo, with Florence Searing penned on the back. Purchased on eBay recently.

Daniel A. Searing's photo.
Daniel A. Searing's photo.

Searing Census of Name Variations in the 50 States

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I have created a spreadsheet in Google Docs listing the states in alphabetical order down the left hand column, and Searing name and variations at the top of  the columns to the right.  The name and viariations are: Searing, Serring, Sering, Seiring, Syring, Siring, Sehring.  I will be happy to add any reasonable variations suggested.When done this should give us an approximation of the numbers of the “Searing” name and variations in all the states.  Of course the information available is only from public records available on the internet through the common ‘people’ search engines.  I make no claim as to their accuracy or reliability.Since this is in Google Docs, I am happy to give you access to this spreadsheet if you want to help with the survey.  Just send me a note thru the blog or on FB (Daniel A. Searing) and I will reply by message.  Let’s see how this works!  Could easily be expanded to other research projects.Any and all suggestions welcome!       Special thanks to Scott Searing from FB for this idea! He has also contributed to this blog.    Also check out the My Name is Searing on Facebook.     Dan

Genealogy IS Warm and Fuzzy

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Last summer I was contacted through the blog by an expert genealogist whose great grandmother was a Searing, and who has taken a deep interest in researching the Searing family.  She has been extraordinary in assisting myself and a number of others with Searing family data.  Several months later I was contacted by another person who also had Searing relatives.  I put the two together and after a lot of work/research, a grandfather’s lost daughter was reunited with her niece…both had been searching for each other for 30 years…and it was genealogy research that united them!  As author of the Searing Family blog I was delighted to help!  Who are you looking for?

Searings (formerly) in Politics

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Searing, Edward — of Milton, Rock County, Wis. Wisconsin superintendent of public instruction, 1874-78. Burial location unknown.  (I know this in one of my relatives….Dan)

Searings just pop up everywhere..ran across this by accident in a Google search for something else.  thanks to:  Haven’t had time to do any additional research…hope I can at some point.

Genealogy Notes

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I will post, under the above topic, occasional notes, sites that have turned up on Google “Searing” searches, inquiries, and individual names that I run across.  Broader or more detailed postings will have a more descriptive title.

From an inquiry that showed up through Google about a Sarah Searing, NY, b. 1804 (originally posted in May, 2000, so the responses are very dated)


In a Google search, the name below came up in an Order of Battle document

30th New York: Col. William M. Searing, in the first Brigade, First Army Corps, under Gen Hooker

Obviously during the Civil War…does anyone know more about him..I will be glad to post…

An Eric Searing Lineage

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Let’s try something different while I am pondering the best way to blog genealogy. Eric Searing of Atlanta has given permission to post his family tree:

Here is Eric’s lineage from his Grandmother’s bible.

Charles Oscar Searing (1860-1938)(married 1883)(of Morristown NJ)(my great grandparents)

Wife Estrella Burge (1865-1938)(Thomson, IL)

Unknown relative G.H. Searing

Children of Charles and Estrella Burge Searing:

Bertha Pearl Searing (1887- 1933) Married Alfred Meeker in 1905 (1 known child)

Etta Harway Searing(1889-1959) Married Warren Johnson in 1909 (1 known child)

Voorhees Pierson Searing (1891) Married Olive Hodges in 1921

Glen Griffith Searing(1893-1954) Married Francis Gillison in 1929 (3 children):

Hilda Francis Searing(?) to Bobby Jo Jackson (Florida) (2 children “Bubba” Bobby Jo Jr. & Kathy )

Eleanor T Searing(?) to Roy Unkefer

Estella Burge Searing(?) to David S Addams

Jone Elizabeth Searing(1895) Married Walter Larson in 1930

Hilda Rachel Searing (1897-1986) Married Andrew Muller in 1920

Earl Burge Searing (1899-1971) Married Eunice Perkins in 1936 (keystone heights FL)

Charles Oscar Searing Jr. (1905 – 1938)


(Eric’s grandparents) Earl Burge Searing and Eunice Perkins’ children (Starke FL):

(Eric’s father and mother) Earl Burge Searing Jr. (1941 – 2008) Married to Diane Nichols(1944-2008) of Chattahoochee FL in 1963

Carol Rae Searing (1946) Married to John G. Sims III in 1969 (2 children)


Earl Burge Searing and Diane Nichols Searing’s children (FL and StoneMtn GA):

Eric Searing(1963) married Anna Hudgins of Dunwoody GA in 1990

Erin Searing(1974)

Thank you, Eric! I will be happy to post Searing lineages that are sent in. Eric can be found at;; and at

Original documents containing Searing

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Check out ‘’, a site I just ran across that is trying to make available a lot of original documents.  I typed in ‘Searing’ and got a LOT of hits..some of which you had to pay for to access (which I did not…at this time anyway).   Genealogy these days certainly is a business, so you can expect a lot of ‘pay as you go’, but it looked like an interesting place to come back and explore….Dan

The history of your last Amazon

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

What should show up in my recent email but this offer from Amazon: “As someone who recently purchased a book from, you might be interested in a new series of books that offer fascinating facts about the history of your last name. Find out where people with your last name originated, ships they sailed on when they immigrated to the United States, and where they reside today. Learn about marriage, literacy, military service, and much more for your surname.

These books also make a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, and family reunions. Surprise your family and friends with the gift of history about their last name.”

A little research showed Amazon is ‘demand publishing’ last name history books as they are ordered.  This reminds me a little of the mailings I used to get for the Searing family crest (do we have one?), or the Searing history books.  Someday it will be fun to order one….but some checking showed the last name history was available for every family name I checked: grandparents, cousins, etc.  Anyone have any experience with these books?  Dan

Basic Searing genealogy information

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

I unintentionally deleted some basic Searing genealogy links when I made this a category instead of a page.  One of the links is Bill Putnam’s excellent contribution to our history: -.  Another source I have had recommended to me is the Long Island Genealogy site, specifically at the Searing surname link:  Another, that I have NOT explored is, at: .  Comments on any of the above are welcome…Dan Searing

Genealogy Issues

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Family trees can be huge.   However, a family blog needs a tree!   A family tree  that Searings can look at, create, annotate, and otherwise have fun with.  How to do all that?  My inclination is to find another site that specializes in family trees on the web (hopefully for free or low cost).  I am researching that….any suggestions welcome!

Dan Searing  (