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Until I figure out how to index, list or cross-reference these posts, I am just going to add all the names I have come across in searching the web for Searings……Dan

From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Center for European Studies, and undated pdf found on the web at:


Burton Craige Professor of Political Science, Donald Searing writes on comparative
politics, political psychology, and political elites. He has published articles on these
subjects in The American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political
Science , and most major professional journals in the discipline. He is currently
engaged in three research programs. One concerns the impact of legislative
experience on the political ideologies of politicians. Some of the results are reported
in his book, Westminster ‘s World: Understanding Political Roles (Harvard University
Press). The second program, with Professors Pamela Johnston Conover and Ivor
Crewe, is a study of the civic side of citizenship in the United States and Great
Britain . This work has recently produced articles on citizen identities, conceptions of rights, tolerance,
and political deliberation, which provide the basis for a book in progress, Citizenship in the Age of
Liberalism. The third research program, with Professors Marco Steenbergen and Jurg Steiner, uses
experimental research designs to investigate democratic deliberation in divided societies.

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