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Marjory Searing

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

It is with great pleasure that I update the Notable Searing category.  I have been experimenting with seeking out new ‘candidates’ on the web, and Marjory Searing came up in a Google Alert.  She has had an amazing career that was well summarized for us by the Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT):  “Throughout her career, our speaker, Marjory Searing, has been a role model for women seeking to achieve success in the field of international trade.  The first female to have graduated from Georgetown University with a Ph.D in Economics, Searing went on to blaze trails for women at the Treasury and Commerce Departments beginning in the 1970s.  She directed the Commerce Office of Multilateral Affairs during the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations, was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Japan during the height of US-Japan trade tensions in the 1990s, and led the US & Foreign Commercial Service, with over 3,000 employees worldwide, before leaving government for the private sector.  Most recently, Searing retired from Pfizer, Inc, where she headed that corporation’s international government affairs function.”    The link is:    This is such a distinguished career I would like to get Marjory to tell us more about her work.  Meanwhile I am happy to welcome her to our list.

Younger Notables

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Today we have another notable Searing…with recent accomplishments.  First, I am happy to report that Elizabeth A.M. Searing (wife of Donald Searing, also mentioned elsewhere in the blog) , at the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (IAREP) and  Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) Joint Conference at Halifax, CA in July 2009, presented a paper titled:


Casuistry: The Tape Measure in the Cognitive Toolbox


 The paper won one of the Best Paper awards.  An abstract can be found here:  

 Ms Searing is an MA Student,  Dept of Economics Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA .  All Searings congratulate Ms. Searing on her scholarship and hope that we can report many more publications 

Searing Plane Makers

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Old wooden planes made by a J. Searing will occasionally appear on eBay. Information has been scarce and I’ve been trying to find more material.   Recently a Searing plane sold on eBay and the buyer responded to my request for information: “I have some info from Pollak’s book, American Wooden Planes. I don’t know if this plane was made by James Searing, or his son, John D. The speculation is that they both used the same stamp. If that is the case, then this plane could have been made anytime between about 1800 and maybe 1850. James was well-enough regarded by his fellow tool makers to have been selected to represent them in Newark’s 1821 Fourth of July pageant. By 1850 John D. had abandoned planemaking and was making his living as a sash and blindmaker….” Later the buyer added: “I checked the 1789 census of Newark Township. There were no residents with the surname of Searing, so James’ family may have been the first of the Searings to reside there.” (Many thanks to Tom for providing me with this insight.) As I pick up more details I will add them here. If any reader wants to add something, please contact me. Dan

Searing Industries

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Although I had been aware of Searing Industries for some time, I had never searched for them on the internet.  That oversight has been duly corrected!   Searing Industries is the number one source for welded steel products, celebrating 20 years in business.   Their business philosophy is one all Searings in business  can  hope  to emulate:  their highest priority is their customers.

From their web site: “Searing Industries was founded by a legend in the industry, Richard Searing.
If there is one principle that defined Richard Searing as a businessman, it was service. When he founded Searing Industries in 1985—this principle became the cornerstone of what is now one of the leading manufacturers of welded steel tubing in the industry.”

There are four Searings listed in the management group: Lee, President; Jim, EVP Sales; Jerry, Purchasing Manager; and Richard, Production Manager ( a younger man than the founder)

Additional information can be found at:


Arthur F. and Ulla R. Searing

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

I found this amazing and generous Searing gift story on the Florida State University web site.  I’m sure there is  more to learn about this generous couple, and I look forward to finding additional information.   As stated, Arthur and Ulla Searing are responsible for the Feb. 3 (2007) opening of the Arthur F. and Ulla R. Searing Wing at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Fla., according to an article by Jeffery Seay, Editor, Florida State Times,  at   “The Searing Wing is named for generous local philanthropist Ulla Searing and her late husband, Arthur.   Searing’s pledge of $6.5 million was signed in 2005 and matches half of the building’s construction costs in endowment.”  More detail is available in the article at the FSU site noted above.    If any of our readers knows some additional history of this generous gift, please send it to me or add a comment.


Searing authors

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Jim Searing has a definitive list on his Facebook site “My Last Name is Searing”…that I have joined and will continue to urge you to visit and join). However, other Searing authors pop-up from time to time, and for the time being I will keep a running list here of issue based items (family based blogs or videos will be listed in the blogroll as I get permission from their authors) . For example, Adam Searing writes material for a North Carolina based blog, The Progressive Pulse. The link is  UPDATE on 7/14/08:  Further information on Adam is: Adam G. Searing, JD,MPH, i Project Director for the North Carolina Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition. He can be reached
at or PO Box 28068, Raleigh, NC 28068.Telephone: 919-856-2175. Adam’s work is linked on the “About” page. Other Searing authors will be listed as I find them…or as you do! Dan

Hudson R. Searing and Con Edison of New York

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

From, Hoover’s Profile of Consolidated Edison:  “For many years Consolidated Gas and its subsidiary New York Edison grew quietly. The long process of unifying New York’s various power companies continued, and by 1932 Consolidated Gas was the largest company in the world providing electrical service. The final step occurred in 1936 when Consolidated Gas became Consolidated Edison Company of New York. Under the direction of Hudson R. Searing, the previously cool relations between Edison’s gas and electric divisions were quietly improved, and the gigantic combine took on its present configuration as New York City’s sole power company.”   Mr. Searing was still active in 1983 (correction 1955) and was quoted in a Time article (of Feb 21, 1955) announcing the nations ‘first privately owned atomic power plant.’The Con Edison history quoted above was fascinating on a brief reading.  Much more research needs to be done on Mr. Hudson R. Searing.  If anyone has some sources or a write up I will be happy to post it.  Thanks to Stanley M. Searing for bringing this entry to my attention. (Added June 2009) And thanks to Michele Utterson for providing a  correction on Mr. Searing’s dates.  She also noted that Mr Searing passed away on June 26, 1957 after a short illness.  She provided a full obituary that I will publish here in the blog soon.  Dan

Colonel William M Searing (1821-1895)

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Jim Searing has suggested we include Colonel William M Searing (1821-1895) who served our country during the Civil War from 1861-1863. He served in the 30th New York State Volunteers, and was a Lt. Colonel. He fought at the 2nd Bull Run, Antietam (the corn field, which was one of the most ferociously fought battlegrounds in the Civil War), Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. His unit was decommissioned just before the battle of Gettysburg.

Details obtained from:
Leading citizens of Delaware County NY

William M. Searing was reared to agricultural pursuits on the home farm, assisting in its labors during the years of his boyhood and youth, but not neglecting his educational advantages. After mastering the common branches of learning, he taught school several terms with unquestioned ability and success. Having a logical and analytical mind, with a taste for jurisprudence, he began the study of law in the office of William A. Beach in Saratoga Springs, and subsequently entered upon the practice of his profession in that place. He has always taken an active interest in works of philanthropy and reform, ever being foremost in the cause of the oppressed, and was prominent among the Free-soilers, who spent some time in Kansas in the stirring period of its settlement. During the late Civil War he won a record as a brave man and a loyal officer, of which he and his descendants may well be proud. He enlisted in the service of his country in 1861 as Major of the Thirtieth New York Volunteer Infantry, and for gallant conduct was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and subsequently was appointed Colonel of his regiment, serving as such until honorably discharged in 1863. He was an active participant in several heavy engagements, being at the second battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and others, and at one time having his horse shot out under him. Returning to Saratoga Springs, he resumed his law practice, and is still an honored resident of that place, where he is filling the office of Pension Agent.

He married Caroline M. Huling, daughter of Beekman and Maria (Smith) Huling, the former of whom was born in the town of Beekman, Dutchess County, N.Y., being the son of John Huling, a native of the same place and a pensioner of the Revolution. Jacob Smith, the father of Maria Smith Huling, was a resident of Kinderhook, Columbia County, where the latter was born, December 8, 1799. Of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. William Searing seven children were born, namely: Beekman; William, deceased; Richard C.; Edmund; Carrie; Samuel, Chaplain of City Institutions, Boston, Mass.; and Hannah, deceased. Both parents are esteemed members of the Bethesda Church at Saratoga

More Academics….James F. Searing

Monday, December 31st, 2007

To the best of my knowledge, Professor Searing is currently professor and chair of the Department of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  His distinguished Curriculum Vitae can be found at:  His extensive publications, reviews and papers, primarily about West Aftica, I believe, can also be found with his CV.  Again, as I gather other public references on the internet I will try to add them here.    Dan

Laura Redden Searing (1839 – 1923)

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Any compilation of Searings must include poet and author Laura Redden Searing. Below is a very brief biographical statement taken from the introduction to her collected papers at the University of Missouri, found on the internet at:

“Laura Catherine Redden was born on 9 February 1839 in Somerset County, Maryland. Her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, when she was a child. At about the age of eleven or twelve, Redden lost her hearing as the result of a bout with spinal meningitis.

She spent a brief time with a family in Pekin, Illinois, before enrolling at the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb in Fulton, Missouri, in 1855. In 1858 she returned to St. Louis and took a job as editor of the St. Louis Presbyterian and also wrote a number of poems and articles that appeared in the St. Louis Republican under the penname Howard Glyndon.

Shortly after the beginning of the Civil War Redden was sent to cover Washington, D.C., for the Republican. In 1862 she published her first book, Notable Men, a collection of biographies of members of Congress. Two years later she published a book of poems, Idylls of Battle. She also composed the words to the song “Belle Missouri” which became the war song for the state. During the war she befriended many political and military figures including General Ulysses S. Grant and Senator George F. Edmunds. “

For a sample of her poetry, see “Disarmed”, from Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). An American Anthology, 1787–1900. at

Another reference to her work is

This is the Disability Studies blog at Temple University. They did a feature on Ms. Searing that pointed out that February 9 (1839) is her birthday. There are also several references to a biography and readings. For you Minnesota Searings, Mark Hill added this information to the blog entry:

“A small town, Glyndon, is named after her pen-name and located in Minnesota, 15 mles east of Fargo, North Dakota. The town had a big celebration in honor of this deaf lady several years ago.”

Mark Hill, Former Fargo resident and Deaf leader.

Update on 7/24/2008   I just realized I missed a most obvious choice for info on Ms Redden..Wikipedia.  So here is the link to the article about her: I hope to add additional references, and welcome additional comments and pointers to her work! Dan