More Academics….James F. Searing

To the best of my knowledge, Professor Searing is currently professor and chair of the Department of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  His distinguished Curriculum Vitae can be found at:  His extensive publications, reviews and papers, primarily about West Aftica, I believe, can also be found with his CV.  Again, as I gather other public references on the internet I will try to add them here.    Dan

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  1. searing22 says:

    That’s my brother! He has two sons Alexander Searing and Keith Searing. His wife’s name is Trish. He was born in April of 1953 in Dugway Utah. As I said my father was a career US Army officer and he was stationed at the proving grounds in Dugway Utah twice. You’ve probably all heard of the government testing that ended up killing a whole lot of sheep there. My father transported Nerve Agent in the 50s by truck and yes he did receive extra hazardous duty pay for doing that. My brother Jim graduated from Lakes High School in 1971. He was a fullbright scholar and graduated from WWU attaining his BA degree. He attended the UW in Seattle and received his masters. He than attended Princeton University where he attained his PHD in African History. I believe he has a minor in languages and speaks German, Russian, Arabic and Woolof. He plays the saxophone and lived in West Africa for a couple of years. Believe it or not he was a very good athlete in HS in wrestling and football. He gave it up after his sophomore year though.

  2. searing22 says:

    Oh I almost forgot…he was a promising baseball player too. Probably due to the fact that my father was such a great baseball player he put a lot of pressure on my brother to succeed in that sport. I think it backfired and actually made my brother quit baseball for good. I do remember him striking out a big power hitter by throwing him a sweet off speed pitch. It was hilarious to see the guys timing thrown off so much! He was like 13 or 14 at the time.

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