Searing Artists

Artists named “Searing” can be found from a variety of sources such as eBay and the internet.  For the moment I am going to list the ones I have come across in this one paragraph.  As we develop more information I would like to give each artist their own paragraph.  Again I invite information and comments….Dan

The Searing artist I know best is Don Searing, a member of my own family, whom I met on several occasions.  I do not know if any of his paintings are on the market. 

An expressionist cityscape done in mixed media on masonite  by Sonia Searing recently sold on eBay for around $50.00.  Signed LR “Sonia Searing”; on verso, “Past Splendor” is written along with the artist’s name and Bradenton Florida address.  Estimate age to be post 1950s.  Davenport’s lists a 20th century artist by the name “Searing” who is noted for cityscapes.  (Description courtesy of seller’s description on eBay.)

A vintage oil painting on board of a street market scene done in an impressionist style, ca 1960′-70’s, with a signature that looks like ‘Searing,”  in original frame also recently sold on eBay for approximately $12.00.   (Description courtesy of seller’s description on eBay.)  Nothing more is known about this artist.

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  1. MCarolyn says:

    Hi, I am wandering around the net looking for the Searing artist of my cityscape and found your blog. Mine is of Paris I think, with view of Notre Dame in background and the Jardin de blah blah (can’t remember name) in foreground. Very 60s. I love it. Maybe starving artist purchase originally. Came from estate of elderly couple who traveled so perhaps purchased while abroad.

  2. Phillip Griffith says:

    I have recently purchased a painting by SEARING that is on masonite
    Subject matter is two figures in the snowy field in front of a wood framed
    house;trees are bare of leaves and a body of water in the foreground with icy waters. Light blue colors conveye the cold. 19″Hx25″L
    Would love to know more about this artist/painting

  3. Bill1926 says:

    I have had a Sonia Searing painting since 1997 which is the year she died at age 97. She was born in Sweden, lived in Garden City NY and in 1960 moved to Bradenton Fl where she remained for the rest of her life. The painting that I have is an abstract of a card table with a couple of hands holding the cards. It is called Sun and Fun. It was previously displayed at the Cornell Museum at Rollins College according to info written on the back of the canvas. This painting gets alot of attention and is still relevant today. It has been hanging over my sofa in Miami for several years.

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