Searing authors

Jim Searing has a definitive list on his Facebook site “My Last Name is Searing”…that I have joined and will continue to urge you to visit and join). However, other Searing authors pop-up from time to time, and for the time being I will keep a running list here of issue based items (family based blogs or videos will be listed in the blogroll as I get permission from their authors) . For example, Adam Searing writes material for a North Carolina based blog, The Progressive Pulse. The link is  UPDATE on 7/14/08:  Further information on Adam is: Adam G. Searing, JD,MPH, i Project Director for the North Carolina Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition. He can be reached
at or PO Box 28068, Raleigh, NC 28068.Telephone: 919-856-2175. Adam’s work is linked on the “About” page. Other Searing authors will be listed as I find them…or as you do! Dan

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