Blogging the Blog – 5

This past month has introduced us to Eric Searing, who provided great information, first on his father (see entry in Searing Artists), and on his family lineage for Genealogy.  This is great stuff and I am very pleased to ‘meet’ Eric through the internet.  Both Eric and Stan Searing in CA suggested LinkedIn as a great place to ‘troll for Searings’…so I will get on that as soon as I can.  I am still drafting my intro letter.  It has to be  good!  Jim Searing counseled patience on contacting other Searings, stressing that content was important to convince folks to keep checking back on both the blog and the Facebook group.  Good advice!  On a more personal note, my brother, Stan Searing of Paulding OH has just retired from his second career as Paulding County Executive (his first was as a school superintendent in OH) and I look forward to enlisting him to do some Searing research.  Congrats, bro!   Dan

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