An Eric Searing Lineage

Let’s try something different while I am pondering the best way to blog genealogy. Eric Searing of Atlanta has given permission to post his family tree:

Here is Eric’s lineage from his Grandmother’s bible.

Charles Oscar Searing (1860-1938)(married 1883)(of Morristown NJ)(my great grandparents)

Wife Estrella Burge (1865-1938)(Thomson, IL)

Unknown relative G.H. Searing

Children of Charles and Estrella Burge Searing:

Bertha Pearl Searing (1887- 1933) Married Alfred Meeker in 1905 (1 known child)

Etta Harway Searing(1889-1959) Married Warren Johnson in 1909 (1 known child)

Voorhees Pierson Searing (1891) Married Olive Hodges in 1921

Glen Griffith Searing(1893-1954) Married Francis Gillison in 1929 (3 children):

Hilda Francis Searing(?) to Bobby Jo Jackson (Florida) (2 children “Bubba” Bobby Jo Jr. & Kathy )

Eleanor T Searing(?) to Roy Unkefer

Estella Burge Searing(?) to David S Addams

Jone Elizabeth Searing(1895) Married Walter Larson in 1930

Hilda Rachel Searing (1897-1986) Married Andrew Muller in 1920

Earl Burge Searing (1899-1971) Married Eunice Perkins in 1936 (keystone heights FL)

Charles Oscar Searing Jr. (1905 – 1938)


(Eric’s grandparents) Earl Burge Searing and Eunice Perkins’ children (Starke FL):

(Eric’s father and mother) Earl Burge Searing Jr. (1941 – 2008) Married to Diane Nichols(1944-2008) of Chattahoochee FL in 1963

Carol Rae Searing (1946) Married to John G. Sims III in 1969 (2 children)


Earl Burge Searing and Diane Nichols Searing’s children (FL and StoneMtn GA):

Eric Searing(1963) married Anna Hudgins of Dunwoody GA in 1990

Erin Searing(1974)

Thank you, Eric! I will be happy to post Searing lineages that are sent in. Eric can be found at;; and at

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