Dennis Searing on eBay

Finally there is something on eBay other than a searing grill. Below is information on a Dennis Searing built pool cue. Over the years I have watched these come and go, sometimes with no bids, sometimes selling for thousands of dollars. Dennis is obviously a well respected, indeed famous pool cue maker, whose creations appear to be treasures to sellers and buyers. As with other Searings mentioned in this blog, I am seeking out more information…but this will have to do for now. From the eBay listing in mid-February, 2008:

“Huebler Cues is out of business. There will never be another Huebler cue built, especially not one built by Paul himself for a World Champion. It gets better…in the mid 90’s this cue was sent to the legendary Dennis Searing. Dennis refinished the butt of the cue and rewrapped it with a nice piece of boars hide and built a new shaft. So this one a kind Paul Huebler has a Dennis Searing shaft and wrap. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

2-27-2008  With a ‘buy it now’ price of $2000, this item had no takers..maybe next time.

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