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I have added a new category, Searings in the Military.  The purpose is to identify and honor those Searings who have served in the military services of the United States or other countries as appropriate.  There is a lot of information available on the internet, but I welcome submissions, comments, or other information that we can use in this topic.  I decided to lead off with Jack Edward Searing, the only Searing to appear on the wall of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC., and thus, the only Searing killed in that conflict.  Maybe this carries special meaning for me because I served during these years, although not in a combat role. I would like to add as many Searings as possible to this category.  Obviously there may be some overlap, as one entry in Notable Searings also qualifies in the military category, although in a much older conflict!

Again I put out a call for Searings interested in doing and sharing information on genealogy and the categories listed……Dan

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  1. robertsearing says:

    My Father served in the rhodesian Bush war and my grand father and his brother/s served in the 2nd world war. I will try and get the exact information and let you know.

  2. Dan says:

    Rob, that would be great…I haven’t added a lot to this yet, but I am sure we have a fascinating pool of Searings who served…please let me know when you have the information…Dan

  3. Clsearing says:

    Hello I’m a New member to the Searing Blog :) Okay, Im new at this feed thing, but I find this fascinating :) My father Rev. David Searing (wanna add Searing Pastors) hehe would love this, I have a question, I’m curious as to our ancestry…Searing is it English, German, ??? what are we?

  4. Clsearing says:

    Also related to the topic, I believe my Grandfather Albert Searing served in WW2 ? I’ll have to check

  5. Dan says:

    Cl…please check on your grandfather…my uncle also served, and I’m sure other Searings did as well..I would like to have a central entry for all WWII vets. I’m looking for a single list of the men/women involved, but haven’t found it yet…Dan

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