Web Updates, the Ides of May

Did you know the 15th of May is also the Ides, not just the ‘beware the ides of March?’  And some other months as well..(thank you Wiki   http://bit.ly/dt8uwe.  A good time to do some updates..really I did start this on the 15th!  Adam Searing is posting again, for example: http://bit.ly/9TZhEs, and: http://bit.ly/9MkbLN, and : http://bit.ly/dcoA4K.   His stuff on health care in North Carolina is always educational.    On the recreational side, eBay has just listed a Dennis Searing pool cue for…..$6,000.00.  Ouch, but his cues are highly valued for their craftsmanship!  Search for Dennis Searing on eBay.   Nancy Searing (a yoga instructor) in Canada shows up in a nice story about an member of the community from India: http://bit.ly/clTLlc  Give us a shout out Nancy, we would like to hear from you for our family blog!        And don’t forget to join other Searings on Twitter and My Name is Searing group on Facebook.  We would love to have all of you…..

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