Finding Ms Wright, Ursula Wright, that is?

Erica Voolich, a fellow genealogist, and Searing cousin (aren’t we all), has started a fascinating blog in her search for Ursula Wright, wife of Nathaniel Searing, ‘born 17 February 1814 in Saratoga Springs NY.’, Erica states: “I am searching for the wife of Nathaniel SEARING’s family.  As you know I went to Saratoga County NY last year to try to find any clues as to her parentage.   So, for anyone who has any clues as to who one of the SEARING wives might be, I’d love to hear from them…” The blog can be found at  and I urge you to give it a good read, and give Erica a hand if you have any suggestions!  The blog lays out all the available ‘clues’ and contains a name listing for not only Searing, but also Worthington and Wright (if any of you are out there listening!)

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