Marjory Searing

It is with great pleasure that I update the Notable Searing category.  I have been experimenting with seeking out new ‘candidates’ on the web, and Marjory Searing came up in a Google Alert.  She has had an amazing career that was well summarized for us by the Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT):  “Throughout her career, our speaker, Marjory Searing, has been a role model for women seeking to achieve success in the field of international trade.  The first female to have graduated from Georgetown University with a Ph.D in Economics, Searing went on to blaze trails for women at the Treasury and Commerce Departments beginning in the 1970s.  She directed the Commerce Office of Multilateral Affairs during the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations, was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Japan during the height of US-Japan trade tensions in the 1990s, and led the US & Foreign Commercial Service, with over 3,000 employees worldwide, before leaving government for the private sector.  Most recently, Searing retired from Pfizer, Inc, where she headed that corporation’s international government affairs function.”    The link is:    This is such a distinguished career I would like to get Marjory to tell us more about her work.  Meanwhile I am happy to welcome her to our list.

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