Let’s Get Started Again!

OK…OK…I admit it….my poor blog has been sadly neglected.  Rather than go into a whole lot of reasons…..you bloggers know what they are….let’s just jump right in.  I’m sorry it’s been so many months since there have been entries.  We’ll try to fix that.  We still want each and every reader of these posts to come back for more.  We hope we can encourage guest comments in greater numbers.  A lot has been happening in the Searing world that I will report on in the coming days/weeks/months.  For example:  the My Name is           Searing Group on Facebook has expanded considerably; two more Searing Facebook groups have started; I took an Ancestry DNA test and got some interesting, if not unexpected, results; one of the new Facebook groups resulted in the discovery and meet ups of long lost cousins; I bought another Searing painting on eBay and may be on the trail of finding out more about Searing artists; I also bought a very old ‘spirits/medicine’ bottle that still needs a lot of detective work; at least one new person has checked in by finding this blog and then following it to Facebook; we have expanded our Searing inquiries to Australia and the UK and Europe……just a sample of the exciting things happening in the Searing world…    And now it’s my challenge to report on these and make them interesting to our readers.  This I will try to do!

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