April Happenings

Genealogy things..It is hard to find time…but there are things happening.  I explored using other genealogy programs, and tried to dig into the ones I have.  I often wonder if I’m more interested in the workings of exploring genealogy tools rather than researching family members.  And of course my fixation is trying to work out the whole Searing family..while still doing work on my own branch.  This month I also joined two new Facebook groups, Technology for Genealogy and The Organized Genealogist (I certainly need that one!).  The questions in the Technology one are basic but interesting.  I also bought a fascinating Searing item: a large picture embedded in some sort of early plastic…several gentlemen in front of a sign that says ‘Searing Pleasure Club’.  No one has been able to ID it so far.  A pic and more details are in the group My Name is Searing on Facebook.  If you want more details, please leave a comment.  We will try to find more information.

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