Searing Census

Under construction – this will contain numerical information on Searings in various political jurisdictions. The methodology here is a simple ‘white pages’ search and a count.  I do not believe cell phones are included.  I have the ‘by-name’ files, so contact me if you are interested.  Again, this is publicly available information from the internet.  No fee-search information was gathered (I can’t afford it!!)

UPDATE July 2011.  See my entry on expanding this census in Blog Musings and also on Facebook in My Name is Searing.  As numbers come in I will try to update this for ‘Searing’ but not for variations on this page.  Dan

  • Alabama – no Searings found
  • Alaska – no Searings found
  • Alberta – no Searings found
  • Arizona – five Searings found
  • Arkansas – two Searings found
  • British Columbia – one Searing found
  • California – 27 Searings found
  • Hawaii – 10 Searings found
  • Louisiana – 22 Searings found

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