Blogging the blog 4

Of notables, Facebook, and family trees.  A couple more ‘notables’ are up.  I can see this is going to need some organization.  Perhaps a modern/historical split? Or a grouping by occupation …artists/academics? We’ll see how future entries develop.

I am now a proud presence on Facebook, and its turned out to be a lot of fun.  Jim Searing has cataloged 138 Searings (and growing?  come on in, folks!).  I’m still contemplating how best to contact them.   The whole thing about  ‘walls’, ‘poking’, ‘status’ and profiles is still a little mysterious, but you can invest a lot or a little in the site, depending upon your inclinations.

I did do some family tree research over the holidays.  I really like a web site titled “Kindo”, and have experimented by starting on the building of my own family tree.  It seems easy to make entries,  clean and neat, but with the ability to add details.  I explored some others (which shall remain nameless, as I’m not in the business of rating these sites.)  I would like to hear of other experiences with ‘trees’.  Dan

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