Hudson R. Searing and Con Edison of New York

From, Hoover’s Profile of Consolidated Edison:  “For many years Consolidated Gas and its subsidiary New York Edison grew quietly. The long process of unifying New York’s various power companies continued, and by 1932 Consolidated Gas was the largest company in the world providing electrical service. The final step occurred in 1936 when Consolidated Gas became Consolidated Edison Company of New York. Under the direction of Hudson R. Searing, the previously cool relations between Edison’s gas and electric divisions were quietly improved, and the gigantic combine took on its present configuration as New York City’s sole power company.”   Mr. Searing was still active in 1983 (correction 1955) and was quoted in a Time article (of Feb 21, 1955) announcing the nations ‘first privately owned atomic power plant.’The Con Edison history quoted above was fascinating on a brief reading.  Much more research needs to be done on Mr. Hudson R. Searing.  If anyone has some sources or a write up I will be happy to post it.  Thanks to Stanley M. Searing for bringing this entry to my attention. (Added June 2009) And thanks to Michele Utterson for providing a  correction on Mr. Searing’s dates.  She also noted that Mr Searing passed away on June 26, 1957 after a short illness.  She provided a full obituary that I will publish here in the blog soon.  Dan

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