Searing Plane Makers

Old wooden planes made by a J. Searing will occasionally appear on eBay. Information has been scarce and I’ve been trying to find more material.   Recently a Searing plane sold on eBay and the buyer responded to my request for information: “I have some info from Pollak’s book, American Wooden Planes. I don’t know if this plane was made by James Searing, or his son, John D. The speculation is that they both used the same stamp. If that is the case, then this plane could have been made anytime between about 1800 and maybe 1850. James was well-enough regarded by his fellow tool makers to have been selected to represent them in Newark’s 1821 Fourth of July pageant. By 1850 John D. had abandoned planemaking and was making his living as a sash and blindmaker….” Later the buyer added: “I checked the 1789 census of Newark Township. There were no residents with the surname of Searing, so James’ family may have been the first of the Searings to reside there.” (Many thanks to Tom for providing me with this insight.) As I pick up more details I will add them here. If any reader wants to add something, please contact me. Dan

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