Searings Return to eBay

Update: July 24, 2008  A new 2006 edition of a Laura Redden Searing book is up on eBay  UK for Buy It Now, $18.04 plus shipping:  Idyls of Battle and Poems of the Rebellion, by Howard Glyndon [Pseud.]   See our entry on the author for details about this interesting book.  The tintype photo of a girl mentioned in an earlier entry was up again, but withdrawn early as no longer available.  It was done at Searing Studios in Brooklyn.  I am seeking information on this business if anyone knows about it.  Another tintype by the same studio (different address) was purchased by me as a Searing artifact.

Original entry: Searing items have been a bit scarce on eBay lately, but there are some renewed appearances. First, a nice Searing plane: “A nice early wood plane by J. Searing of Newark NJ. Looks to be in good condition with minor wear, one arm wedge looks good, the other appears to be shorter but still functional. Has a nice early James – Cam iron. Takes a wide 1-3/4 inch cut leaving about a 5/16 inch tongue. Plane bed is smooth and rear tote looks good.” went for a great price – $19.50 – on June 29, after only 3 bids. Come on, Searings, where were you!! Second, in currently active items, a 1994 Dennis Searing (see below) custom made cue is up for a mere $4995.00 plus shipping (Did not sell, as of 7/13/08); a pair of Searing made shafts, up for $300.00 (did not sell); and finally, another Searing plane, currently up to $18.00 (SOLD for $51.00 7/13/08 to a Searing). I continue to watch for these items and will post them as I see them. Dan

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