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The Case of the Missing Presidents

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Great fun tonight.  Kovels Komments for May 20, 2009, (an ezine published by Ralph and Terry Kovel on antiques and collectibles) ran a piece on the missing head of a statute of President James Garfield on the Hiram College campus.  This reminded me of a family story about Edward Searing.  I posted a comment on the Kovel’s blog about my family story.  The comment is below.   “James is not the only missing former college president. Relatives have long searched for the bust of Edward Searing, President of the then Mankato Normal School (now part of the Univ of MN system)from 1880 to 1898. The bust was reportedly stolen from the campus decades ago, and was never recovered. A reward for its safe return or purchase with no questions asked could be arranged by contacting me through the” For years my Aunt Bea asked me to recover poor Edward.  There was a sighting in an antique shop in South Carolina, but nothing came of it.  It still would be fun to find it! 

Facebook Searings

Friday, May 8th, 2009

More Searings are showing up on Twitter, but there are also many, many more on Facebook.  A quick search said there were 500 listings for Searing.  Having searched some of these, its obvious some are duplicates, some are nick names, and there is one group, My Last Name is Searing.  It has held steady at about 37 members.  Jim Searing, the founder, said he didn’t have much luck recruting.  I think I will start sending out friend messages in hopes of rounding up a few more of our kin.  I noticed there was also a MOYER group, with over 70 names.  That is also a family name of mine, as my brother’s middle name is Moyer, but its a maternal connection.  Any suggestions on Facebook recruiting?  Send them in!          Dan