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What Ever Happened to July?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

A question Mrs. S asked  today and I agree.  But enough complaining!  Time to catch up on Searing family related items just in time to squeeze into a July posting.  And of course I reserve the right to expand on these next month!  In no particular order:  a trip to Ohio to visit my brother Stan, with several visits to Ft Wayne IN that included two visits to the Allen County Library in Ft Wayne, that happens to be the second largest genealogy library in the country (the world).  It was an amazing collection of references that we only had time to dig into a few volumes about early Searings in Conn and Long Island NY.  Fascinating…worlds away from how we live now.  I’ve also been working on an ‘ad’ recruiting an interested young person to help with some Searing related projects: finishing a rough Searing 50 state census, checking census indices to determine the spread and growth of Searings across the US, continuing our listings of Searings in achievement categories such as art, music, and sports, and  doing a global map of Searing locations.  My brother suggested a letter of recommendation as compensation…that initially sounded odd, but most letters come from standards sources such as teachers and coaches.  Conducting independent quality (genealogy?) research would be a different set of skills.  And our Facebook group My Name is Searing continues to grow…138 members.  And through the Group I made a contact with a relative of Dennis Searing, a pool/billiards cue maker of extraordinary talent…based on the value of his product.  I hope we can learn more about Dennis’s craft in the future.  And then there was the adventure of the stereo view of Point Pleasant 1889 (inscribed on the back) along with a stamp or writing of ‘Searing’.  Although the card and a companion one sold on eBay for a large amount, no explanation of the Searing mark has come out.  Unfortunately the month ended with the passing of a Searing from Chico, CA.  We regret the loss of any of our extended family.