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Jack Edward Searing

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Jack Searing’s name first came to my attention during a visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC many years ago.  I routinely look for the Searing name in any roll, roster, or list…and there he was.  There is information on him available on the internet, and as I refind it I will post it here.  Meanwhile, since Jack was from IL I asked another Vietnam vet, Edward F. Searing if he had information about Jack.  He stated in an email to me:

“Jack Edward Searing was killed in Viet Nam.  He was a pilot in the Army.  His family was listed as coming from Rock Falls, Il. south of Rockford.  He died on 10/17/1971 flying a flare mission over Hue and flew into the terrain.”

If anyone has more information on Jack, please send it to be for posting or leave a comment.   Dan