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Memorial Day 2010

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Remember!  A fitting word and theme for our Americans in military service to their country – us – on this Memorial Day, 2010.   Time and again over the years it’s clear that regardless of our political views, we support our troops.  More eloquent writers than myself have expressed that viewpoint….  So I add my own “Remember!”  in honor of those who have served.   But…I would like to add some genealogical touches in the coming few weeks by adding information to my Searings in the Military section, and making a list of past and present Searings who have/are serving.  See that section for additional information.


Monday, May 24th, 2010

Today I added this blog to the list available on Geneabloggers: is a resource I have followed on Twitter for a while.  They have a index for finding family names.  Unfortunately ‘Searing‘ doesn’t come up much, but perhaps that will change as more of you explore this resource.  And..please start your own blog for your branch of the Searing family….we need more exposure!!  Join in the fun!  Geneabloggers has lots of resources and activities, and they are highly integrated into other social network sites.  More info can be found on the home page linked above.  As I have a chance to explore what they offer I will put more information on here.

More Obit Sources

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Not to be too morbid, but in researching a Searing obit  I searched obit service and came across quite a few Searing obits:  The link I had posted didn’t work.  I think if you go here:     and do as general a search as you can.   I searched for ‘all states, all sources, last name Searing’ and it came up with 45 obits….haven’t had time to look them over, and some of them far back are only notices, but it has to be a good source of Searing info.

Keep It In the Family

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Here’s a real ‘keep it in the family’, a foreclosed property for sale on Searing Street in Hempstead, NY 11550, (our old family home)   the link:, for only $380,000.  You have to register for more info, but it was built in 1930…the illustration shows a lot of homes on the street.                       Other updates..Dennis Searing’s pool cue had no takers at $6000…no surprise in this economy.

May 18, 2010 Searings in the News

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Dennis Searing, cue maker of renown, is featured again in AZBilliards Forums:  with one of his cues for sale.  Anyone with information on Dennis please let me know.  He is one of the foremost Searing ‘makers’ of tangible objects, certain to go down in history (see Searing Planes, elsewhere in the blog).  I would love to have his story in the blog!             Adam Searing, NC health advocate,  is mentioned none to favorably in a post in Randy’s Right, a blog:    Also featured is a video of Adam. Hmm, Adam, you must be doing something ‘right’ to generate this kind of publicity?

Jimmie Jane Searing, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Sadly, we have lost another of the Searing women, from Longview, WA.  Ms Searing’s link no longer works, but some of the information is:  From the Legacy notice:  “She was born Nov. 8, 1927, in Krebbs, Okla., to Jim and Betty Alma (Jackson) Baldwin. The family moved to Rainier in 1932. Jimmie Jane was a graduate of Rainier High School.

She married “the love of her life” John Searing of Kelso in 1947. They were devoted to each other for 63 years, he survives her at home.”   
I will try to gather additional information as I can, as surviving children are mentioned. 

Finding Ms Wright, Ursula Wright, that is?

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Erica Voolich, a fellow genealogist, and Searing cousin (aren’t we all), has started a fascinating blog in her search for Ursula Wright, wife of Nathaniel Searing, ‘born 17 February 1814 in Saratoga Springs NY.’, Erica states: “I am searching for the wife of Nathaniel SEARING’s family.  As you know I went to Saratoga County NY last year to try to find any clues as to her parentage.   So, for anyone who has any clues as to who one of the SEARING wives might be, I’d love to hear from them…” The blog can be found at  and I urge you to give it a good read, and give Erica a hand if you have any suggestions!  The blog lays out all the available ‘clues’ and contains a name listing for not only Searing, but also Worthington and Wright (if any of you are out there listening!)

Web Updates, the Ides of May

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Did you know the 15th of May is also the Ides, not just the ‘beware the ides of March?’  And some other months as well..(thank you Wiki  A good time to do some updates..really I did start this on the 15th!  Adam Searing is posting again, for example:, and:, and :   His stuff on health care in North Carolina is always educational.    On the recreational side, eBay has just listed a Dennis Searing pool cue for…..$6,000.00.  Ouch, but his cues are highly valued for their craftsmanship!  Search for Dennis Searing on eBay.   Nancy Searing (a yoga instructor) in Canada shows up in a nice story about an member of the community from India:  Give us a shout out Nancy, we would like to hear from you for our family blog!        And don’t forget to join other Searings on Twitter and My Name is Searing group on Facebook.  We would love to have all of you…..