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January 2010 Review

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Just time for one last entry to make the January archives.  The end of January has seen another snow storm lashing (searing?) the mid-South and mid-Atlantic region.  Gives a good excuse to get some blogging done.  This month we have seen Adam Searing doing some videos on health care..check him out on YouTube.  He does so many for his job in NC it’s hard to keep an accurate list.  Several Searing planes have come up on eBay.  It’s funny how I consider these family artifacts and want them ‘back’ in the family…although no doubt the maker Searing supported himself and his family by selling them.  I think he would be fascinated that well over 100 years later they were still being marketed.  How many did they make?  I would like to do an inventory of those in existence…but that would require the cooperation of tool collectors.  Would they be willing to share their numbers with us?  Your thoughts?  Also another copy of my great-grandfather’s Aeneid came up for auction, but it went for more than I wanted to pay.  I don’t feel quite as motivated about getting all existing copies of his book back in the family..:).Jim Searing, the founder of the Facebook group My Name is Searing changed the group name to delete “last”, since we are trying to be inclusive to all Searings.  The group also was joined this month by Seirings, who pointed out the name variations.  There is quite a list of variations on the discussion boards, but we haven’t turned up many actual individuals.   Jim is also on Twitter as ‘treestrategist’  I highly recommend a ‘follow’ as he is turning up some amazing stuff on trees.   And also on Twitter ‘haikusearing’ continues to do fascinating work, including a custom haiku I ordered: I am but a leaf – but my tree branches spread wide – my name is Searing.  I am going to make that an unofficial slogan of at least the blog!  Thanks, haiku!   February is upon us. More blog updates planned!  

Searings Making Things

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

“We used to make things in the USA.”  How often have we seen that thought.   Of course we still do..but different things.  I like to think about ‘things’ Searings made (and still make.)  I like to return them to the family where possible.  What did Searings make?  J Searing made wood planes (see note elsewhere in the blog) in the 1800’s in NJ.  They come available occasionally.  Searing’s Gallery in Brooklyn  made photographs. So did Searing and Hunt in Plainfield, NJ; Carrell & Searing made hats, caps and furs in Morristown NJ (J. Walter Searing).  There was a Searing printing firm.  More recently Burge Searing made musical instruments (see note elsewhere in the blog). Dennis Searing still makes world class pool cues.  Searing Industries (see page on businesses) makes pipe as I recall.  Searings also write books and paint.  (See Searing Artists elsewhere.)   I am sure there are more examples.  And don’t forget variations on the Searing name when thinking about stuff we made.  Send them to me for posting.  When you see these items, let’s get them back in the family, if possible.

Meeting Cousins

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

On January 6, 2010 I had the pleasure once again of meeting my 4th cousin, Jim Searing and his wife Gayle.  This was our second meeting and hopefully we’ll have many more.  We email and Facebook often.  We met through eBay, as I try to ask buyers of “Searing’ things if they are Searings.  We share a g-g-g-grandfather, so I hope I have counted right.  One of the great things about the internet (hopefully) is that you can actually find and contact distant relatives.  If you are planning on coming to the Washington DC area, give me a note if you are interested in meeting up.  Obviously we meet members of our own families, but it’s a lot of fun to make contact with other ‘family’ members.   If you do so, send me the details and I will be happy to post them.

First Searing Obit of 2010

Monday, January 4th, 2010

William Searing of Monroe Township NJ died Jan 1, 2010. (From the Trenton Times, Jan 3, 2010)


Searing Obits 2009

Monday, January 4th, 2010

We lost a number of Searings in 2009.  These names and dates are taken from available obits on the internet.  I have limited details on most of them if anyone is interested.  Any errors or omissions are mine only. If I have left out someone, please contact me.   March 5, 2009, Bobby A. Searing, IN; Mary E. Searing, April 20; Donna K. Searing, July 29, IN; Sarah Louise Searing, Sept 29, CA; Mary Mosella Searing Cullen, Oct 4, NY; David A. Searing, Oct 9, LA; Eddie Searing, Dec 1, MO; Freda Mae Searing, Dec 2, IN;


Happy New Year

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

To all our extended and diverse Searing family, including all the spelling variations we are learning about, and to all the Searing women who by taking the name of their husbands lose or gain the Searing name.  I know my goal and Jim Searing’s as well, as founder of My Last Name is Searing group on Facebook, is to be as inclusive as possible.  The start of 2010 is a good time to launch a new section devoted to my own (and others through comments) personal observations and musings on the Searing family and its genealogy (past) and accomplishments (present).   My aim is to be more personal without being tiresome or egotistical.  I would like to add some ‘extra’ to the recognition inherent in the lists and historical finds.  My ‘rep’ since grade school is to talk to much, so I will try to avoid that.   I urge all family members to social network, join Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites; sign on to Twitter to both follow and contribute; email me or comment appropriately in the blog; suggest how we might improve.  There aren’t so many Searings (even with spelling variations) that we can’t actually know or at least know of each other.  What benefits will flow from that?  Let’s find out!  Happy New Year, and may the decade of the 2010’s be welcome and beneficial to us all!   Dan