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April News

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

A quick summary entry for April!  Been collecting stuff for the blog, but lazy about doing an entry. So here goes the summary:  Adam Searing of the Progressive Pulse in NC has made several posts this month on health care issues in NC.  They are all great reads, applicable to many, if not all of the other states facing the same issues with the new health care plan.  Gary Searing was mentioned in, in a feature on fund raising for the MS Society.  Gary is also on Facebook.  Dennis Searing surfaced again in AZBilliards Forum, with some photographs of some of his extraordinary cues. And, a great story on Bill Searing of Brazil, IN, making a wonderful comeback from open heart surgery. I would like to do a feature on him next month. Nothing of import has been showing up on eBay with Searing attached. No paintings, no planes….come on folks, we need some more Searing stuff! In addition, through, I started a search using ObitMessenger for the name “Searing” and several variations.  This is a no cost service of Legacy that searches for obits of the names you specify.  After an initial rush of names, none have shown up.  This is a great service tho, for family obit name searches.  And, I continue to post on Twitter as dansearingSr, so please follow me.  I RT most entries by other Searings, and use the hashtag #searing, so you should be able to search on that for updates.  I have met several great Searing family members through Twitter…although I will have to admit, lots younger than me. :) It’s still a fascinating and evolving service.  And, so is Facebook…I continue to meet and friend fascinating Searings.  Come visit me and the My Name is Searing Group…we need you! And I’m always looking for tips on Searing folks and Searing stories for the blog….send me a story link! And speaking of links..I have links to all the above, but I am sure they can also be found through search engines. If not, send me a comment or an email and I will provide you with the link.