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Helen Searing Surfaces Again

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

After a long absence in the auctions, Helen Searing appears again on eBay, with a But It Now of her book, Springboard in the Pond, co-authored with Thomas A.P. Van Leeuwen.  The listing is for $33.95, and five copies are available.  Unfortunately the long publishers note attached to the listing doesn’t say much about Helen Searing.  I did find a nice listing of her other works at:  Anyone with more information on Ms Searing should leave a comment or contact me.

Where art thou July?

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Ouch…a whole month without an entry!  I wondered about that and sat down to do a quick entry so I would have a July archive entry, but got sidetracked.  Perhaps that’s the story of July 2010.  Not that I haven’t accumulated material for entry:  eBay results and postings, lots of entries on health care by our Adam Searing, some notes about Searing athletes, some Facebook and Twitter entries.  But, hey, it’s summer, it’s HOT out here in the East, lots of other things to think about besides Searings on the internet.  But now it’s August…the Dog Days (of searing heat? perfect for searing food on the grill? cf my page on Searing as a Part of Speech).  Time to catalog some of my saved entries and share them with you.