Searing Spelling Variations

There are spelling variations of “Searing” down through time. Although I will list them here, I plan to stay with Searing in the interest of time and space. One spelling is ‘Seiring’ as contributed by Nana Seiring: “Our name is spelled Seiring, but probably when my husband’s G-Grandfather came to the U.S., it was probably spelled Siering, though, as August Seiring(Siering) came from the Palatinate region of Germany.” 4/21/2008

Donald Searing on Facebook on 5/21/08 in the My Last Name is Searing group noted:

What I find interesting is the variation on spelling I find in some of the old records you can find online. For example, has a person with a last name of Serring, and I have seen Sering and Seryn used as well.

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