Searing Examples – A Part of Speech

All Searings know that name searches are hard because our family name is a part of speech.

So I decided to collect and present with good humor a few examples culled from the internet, roughly organized by the word modified, without attribution of any kind, and arguably within the ‘fair use’ doctrine of copyright law (with a smile, I hope).    Here’s a searing trivia game…can words modified by ‘searing’ be found for every letter of the alphabet?  If you find additions to the list, please send them on and I will post.     As of December, 2008 we are missing only J, K, X, and Y.

searing 2005 grand jury report
the searing ’50s drama
a searing 9.86 seconds
a searing account of

the searing ache

searing amalgam

and searing analysis of

searing anxiety

a searing assessment
a searing attack

conveys searing authenticity

the searing Bartok No. 5
a searing battle,
sheer and searing beauty 

this searing biography
was a searing blow to the former first lady
a searing blow-by-blow analysis

his searing book

searing brain pain
searing break through the Welsh defence

truth, searing in its candor

searing chronicle
third place was searing for Clinton
searing coals

searing combustion

searing social commentary

only searing comedic contempt

about this searing conflict
a searing contempt for

a searing creation
a searing critique


a serious, searing danger
a searing day of movies

That searing debacle

a searing debate

searing debut

its searing depiction

lucid and searing details

a searing disdain

revolutionary, searing document

searing documentary
a searing Canadian drama
a searing drama

the consistent searing drip of the days

and searing editorials

somewhat searing elegy
and searing emotional pain

a searing email
last week’s searing episode

the searing essay

the searing events

searing experience

you are only searing the fish (verb?, gerand?)
The film was searing and moving
those searing films
and away from searing flames

searing funeral march.

searing gas giants

searing glare

a pretty searing glimpse 

have a searing, apocalyptic, existential grandeur
the searing guilt

searing guitar

the searing (and seemingly profane) headline
but the searing heat
her honesty was searing

discs of searing hot gas
a searing humiliation

a searing image

a searing imprint on

a searing indictment of the

searing instrumental renditions
the searing interrogation
soul-searing musical insights
their searing instruments
the searing intensity

searing lead guitar

all those bright lights searing my eyes
she was a searing liberal

feel a searing loneliness
a searing look
searing love story 
was a searing loss


her searing memoir
searing memories
cruelest, most searing moments,

a haunting, searing novel

 that searing opening

searing pain
his searing pace
retina-searing palette

searing passages
soul-searing passion
searing performances
searing photojournalism from the siege of
searing pieces of pork

soul-searing poetry
his searing portrayal
searing portraits

searing, daring prose
the searing protest

the searing question

their searing recollections

through searing re-entry

are searing reminders
searing revival,

searing romance

A searing sampling
searing sand
and searing sarcasm

a searing satirical edge

Steve’s searing saxophones

such searing public scrutiny

searing horn section

with searing segments

a searing modern sensibility
memorably searing series
concise but searing skewering 

the searing smoke
a searing speech

a searing spell

searing spotlights
searing and controversial study
searing summer heat
searing sun
two-burner cooktop, searing station
unbelievably searing stories

His searing tale,
my searing talent
searing technique
January’s searing temperatures
searing theatrical portraits
searing throat
most searing in those times,
searing tragedy

the searing truth-telling

suffered searing ulcer

a searing version 
brings a searing vision

the boiler’s searing water

a searing wave
their searing Western

searing wit

Searing, Visionary Writer Audre Lorde

my searing wounds


the searing zone


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