Hello, Searing Family Members!

Welcome to the Searing Family blog. My name is Dan Searing, I live on the East coast. I am interested in Searings past, present, and future. My aim is to create a blog where Searings can find other Searings, learn about Searing history, admire Searing achievements, and generally join in the whole Searing family (there really aren’t that many of us!)

My blogging skills are developing. Any and all advice welcome. I would like to have different sections concerning family genealogy, notable Searings (past and present), and any other links that you as Searing family would like to see and comment on.

My aim is to find publicly available Searing emails and invite people to read and contribute to the blog. Please invite other Searings to join us. Public information about Searing history or achievements can be posted (or removed by request).   Comments are welcome…that’s the fun of blogging. To submit a comment, please log in and register (to help prevent ‘comment spam’).


I hope you will contribute and enjoy!



Dan Searing

Please feel free to contact me through the blog or at dansr@searingfamily.com



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