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Paula Searing, Artist

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Several months ago my standing search for Searings came up with Paula Searing, an upcoming artist with some interesting work.  I wrote asking permission to do a blog entry, and she said OK.  Her web site is:  That leads you to her work, past and present.  You should also take a look at ‘news’ at the bottom of the table of contents on the left of the site.  It leads to works in progress.  I’m no art critic, but her work is certainly worth a close examination.  It’s also fun to find and publicize another Searing artist!

Patricia Mae Searing, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Another Searing has passed recently. Patricia Mae Searing of Overland Park, KS died on June 8, 2012. She was proceeded by her husband, Paul W. Searing on January 30, 2012. She was survived by children and a grandchild. I do not know where they fit in our ‘family’. If anyone in the group has information, feel free to post.  More information is available at 

Quick Updates

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

With Spring blossoming all over maybe I can cultivate some blog growth as well.  It sorely needs some refreshing!  To that end, a couple of quick items.  Cole Searing, a young race car driver living in Huron, SD, and operating Cole Searing Motorsports, is again selling Searing Racing T-shirts this year for $25.00 plus postage.  He can be contacted on Facebook or drop me an email and I will try to put you in contact with him.  And, my Searing genealogical expert, Laura Davenport, has launched a blog of her own, Dead-Lines.  The link is in the Blog Roll on the main page.  It’s well worth checking out!

And, WOW, I just have to add that a quick check of Linked-In shows 249 Searing entries!!  Amazing!  I will try to do a separate Linked In entry soon summarizing some of the search results….

Jimmie Lee Searing Obit

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I regret to post the passing of Jimmie Lee Searing, 65, on January 14, 2012 in Kansas City, MO.  His full obit can be read here:

May 2011 Searing’s on the Internet Entry

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Finally getting caught up on Searing internet entries:

May was a good month for Searing news.  In early May Head Coach George Searing of the Northport Boys Lacrosse team lead his team to an important victory to qualify them for a better seeding in year end action.  Sachem Patch:

George is also quoted in a later Patch (May 19th) as his team scored a big victory in first round of the lax playoffs.

Dan Searing, Jr is quoted on the history and strengths of bourbon in the Washington Post Express on May 5.  And on May 9, Dan’s book was published in May,  “The Punch Bowl.” (Mark A. Gore – Sterling Epicure / Sterling Publishing), and available on Amazon.  Great book for punch lovers….and oh, yeah, my son….:)

A new Searing business also was mentioned:   This is a web design firm in Seattle WA.

A fascinating story on youth sports injuries appeared May 10, 2011 for the IL paperHarold News. featuring Marianne Searing’s daughter Ashley, and recounting Ashley’s injuries on the field of play and her determination to continue playing sports.–sports-injuries.html

On May 16, Nate Searing (Ashley’s brother) gets his own credit for pitching a winning game against a strong opponent.  Details at

Nate is also mentioned in a May 28 Southtown Star article.  Way to pitch, Nate

Candace and Dick Searing were instrumental in organizing a Scenic Race4Hope bicycle outing  as a fund raiser to battle cancer, as reported in the blog on May 19.  This is quite an event with an interesting history, as reported at

Daniel Searing and Vickie Gann were married on June 11, 2011.  That’s about all I know…their names came up on a google alert for Daniel Searing.  Congrats to the couple!

Daniel Searing, MD also surfaces in my alerts.  He is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and pediatric allergy specialist at National Jewish Health in Denver.  I would like to do a separate piece on him and will seek to talk with him.

Linda Searing also appears from time to time in the alerts, for her excellent medical article summaries that you may see in your local paper.  I know she appears in the Washington Post weekly.

Searing Census of Name Variations in the 50 States

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I have created a spreadsheet in Google Docs listing the states in alphabetical order down the left hand column, and Searing name and variations at the top of  the columns to the right.  The name and viariations are: Searing, Serring, Sering, Seiring, Syring, Siring, Sehring.  I will be happy to add any reasonable variations suggested.When done this should give us an approximation of the numbers of the “Searing” name and variations in all the states.  Of course the information available is only from public records available on the internet through the common ‘people’ search engines.  I make no claim as to their accuracy or reliability.Since this is in Google Docs, I am happy to give you access to this spreadsheet if you want to help with the survey.  Just send me a note thru the blog or on FB (Daniel A. Searing) and I will reply by message.  Let’s see how this works!  Could easily be expanded to other research projects.Any and all suggestions welcome!       Special thanks to Scott Searing from FB for this idea! He has also contributed to this blog.    Also check out the My Name is Searing on Facebook.     Dan

A Surprise “Cuz” Meeting

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

A delightful surprise ‘cuz’ meeting Monday..Mrs. S & I picked up new glasses in Southern Md, visited a consignment shop nearby a friend had told us about, paid for a purchase and owner asked, ‘is your name Searing?’ Yes. “Our assistant manager is a Searing”….and introduced us to Beth Searing Rodgers! What a surprise to both of us, as our name (as you know) is not that common. We had a great chat, identified some mutual FB friends and agreed to keep in touch. She’s on FB. Go friend her….:)    The shop is Cherry Pickers Consignment in Owings, MD. If you are in that area, please check it out.  We like to support Searing businesses or ones with Searing involvement……  They also have an FB page if you are interested.   

May Musings

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

May was a good month for Searings on the internet.  First, Facebook ‘opened up’ the My Name is Searing group, by, I think, showing posts made to the group on member’s pages, and I suppose email if you have so chosen.  This has increased participation in the group.  we now really have Searing’s talking to Searings…instead of just posting the occasional comment.  I hope we can keep up the momentum!   Second, a lot of Searings have accomplished interesting things, from coaching to playing to announcing in sports, authoring and publishing a book, and listing some interesting ‘stuff’ on eBay.  I will try to do a listing hitting the high points in the next day or two.  If you review the list and see something missing, please let me know.

A Searing Book – The Punch Bowl

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Daniel A. Searing Jr

My book out today! Buy it at B&N or Amazon Thanks to all my friends and family who contributed recipes and support!Full disclosure, Dan is my son.  We are very proud of him for taking the time to author this seminal work on punch recipes!   Check it out by getting your copy soon!  And if there are other recent Searing authors out there, please let me know!!  Happy to do as many featured Searing artists as we can!!

April News

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

A quick summary entry for April!  Been collecting stuff for the blog, but lazy about doing an entry. So here goes the summary:  Adam Searing of the Progressive Pulse in NC has made several posts this month on health care issues in NC.  They are all great reads, applicable to many, if not all of the other states facing the same issues with the new health care plan.  Gary Searing was mentioned in, in a feature on fund raising for the MS Society.  Gary is also on Facebook.  Dennis Searing surfaced again in AZBilliards Forum, with some photographs of some of his extraordinary cues. And, a great story on Bill Searing of Brazil, IN, making a wonderful comeback from open heart surgery. I would like to do a feature on him next month. Nothing of import has been showing up on eBay with Searing attached. No paintings, no planes….come on folks, we need some more Searing stuff! In addition, through, I started a search using ObitMessenger for the name “Searing” and several variations.  This is a no cost service of Legacy that searches for obits of the names you specify.  After an initial rush of names, none have shown up.  This is a great service tho, for family obit name searches.  And, I continue to post on Twitter as dansearingSr, so please follow me.  I RT most entries by other Searings, and use the hashtag #searing, so you should be able to search on that for updates.  I have met several great Searing family members through Twitter…although I will have to admit, lots younger than me. :) It’s still a fascinating and evolving service.  And, so is Facebook…I continue to meet and friend fascinating Searings.  Come visit me and the My Name is Searing Group…we need you! And I’m always looking for tips on Searing folks and Searing stories for the blog….send me a story link! And speaking of links..I have links to all the above, but I am sure they can also be found through search engines. If not, send me a comment or an email and I will provide you with the link.